sabato 27 settembre 2008

Vlite 1.2 Final

Rispetto alla precedente versione RC, pochi i cambiamenti e molte integrazioni, per questo software attraverso il quale è possibile creare una copia personalizzata del sistema operativo Windows Vista.

Novità e fix dalla versione 1.1 RC Final:

new: Network Access Protection Agent new: Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
fix: WLAN (WSearch 4.0 install)
new: '16-bit Support'
new: 'Crash Dump Support'
new: 'Digital Rights Management (DRM)'
new: 'Distributed File System (DFS)'
new: 'Group Policy' (Extreme)
new: 'Intel Indeo'
new: 'Microsoft Multi-Path Bus'
new: 'Remote Access Connection Manager'
new: 'Routing and Remote Access'
new: 'Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)'
new: 'SSDP Discovery'
new: 'Telephony'
new: 'TV Tuner support'
new: 'User-mode Driver Framework'
new: 'Windows HotStart'
new: 'XBOX 360 Controller'
new: Swedish GUI language
upd: 'Function Discovery' changed to 'Windows Connect Now'
fix: LAN disabling needed restart (Function Discovery)
fix: Adobe Photoshop license issue (SNMP dependency)
fix: Logon loop after hotfixing (App Experience)
new: Services startup mode setup (in Tweaks)
new: 'ActiveX Installer Service'
new: 'Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)'
new: 'Function Discovery'
new: 'Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD)'
new: 'Microsoft Client for NFS'
new: 'Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ)'
new: 'Quality of Service (QoS)'
new: 'Remote Access Auto Connection Manager'
new: 'Removable Storage Management'
new: 'RIP Listener'
new: 'Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)'
new: 'Simple TCPIP services'
new: 'Software Quality Management (SQM)'
new: 'Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA)'
new: 'Telnet 'Client' new: 'Telnet Server'
new: 'TFTP Client' new: 'Digital Locker'
new: 'Infrared Support'
new: '.NET Framework' (extreme)
new: 'TPM Base Services'
new: 'Windows Update' (extreme)
upd: 'Zip Folders' now removes CabView as well
fix: EventLog needed for Task Scheduler
fix: Missing registry file popup
new: 'Floppy Disk Support'
new: 'Guided Help'
new: 'Protected Storage'
new: 'Windows Event Log'
upd: 'Multimedia Class Scheduler' moved to Extreme
fix: Crash during processing
new: 'Media Metadata Handler'
fix: Cpanel - Features blank after SP1 slipstream
fix: Logon loop after removing components with slipstreamed SP1
new: Vista Service Pack 1 Integration (Slipstream)
new: 'Character Map'
new: 'DHCP'
new: 'Disk Cleanup'
new: 'Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)'
new: 'Interactive Services Detection'
new: 'Notepad'
new: 'Photo Metadata Handler'
new: 'Quality Windows Audio Video Experience'
new: 'TV Tuners'
new: 'Windows Ultimate Extras'
new: More Languages removable
upd: Universal preset files (old non-English will not load)
upd: Display drivers separated
upd: Removed the (vLite) tag from the OS title
fix: Windows could not install the selected language
fix: Registry Load error under XP
fix: 32bit under 64bit search (Natural Language)
fix: Logitech SetPoint device tabs missing (System Restore)

Il download della versione 1.2 Final è scaricabile qui

La guida all'uso di Vlite è localizzata qui.


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